Walkers You are the most important group. See Solutions, Proposal 1.
Cyclists You can observe where motorcyclists enter or leave the fells. See Solutions, Proposal 1.
Mountain Bikers You can assist walkers. See Solutions, Proposal 1.
Horse Riders are particularly vulnerable to the sudden appearance, noise, speed and  the intimidating nature of rogue motorbikes. The safety of your horse and of yourself is the top priority. If absolutely confident of your mount and of your horsemanship, do as for Walkers. See Solutions, Proposal 1.
Farmers and Commoners It may not be practical for you to carry a camera but, if not, you can observe and note patterns of activity.
Local residents You can help by setting up or joining a Neighbourhood Watch group or a Neighbourhood Catch group, as described in Proposals 2 and 3 on the Solutions page. Your help is vital in providing early warning of the approach of trail motorbikes, as is stressed in those Proposals.
Interested Bodies You can help to publicise CAMARM, its aims and its proposed Solutions throughout the United Kingdom by adding a link on your website to
Responsible Motorcyclists As you are well aware, rogue motorcyclists spoil it for everyone.
If you know who they are you can continue to help by using your influence and spreading the word, and by offering to take part in random stake-outs of likely places of entry and exit to speak to the culprits.
Rogue Motorcyclists Have a good look at the photos in Photo Gallery. If you do so with an open mind you will begin to appreciate the damage and the nuisance that you cause.
You may then begin to understand why responsible members of the public are trying to stop your activity.
Be aware also that your activity sullies the reputation of legitimate motorcycling
and could result in the imposition of a total ban on all.
Your activity is antisocial and illegal.
Persist, and sooner or later you will be reported to the British police.
Anybody that cares Take the issue seriously. Take part in achieving a solution. Talk about CAMARM. Publicise its aims throughout the United Kingdom.

YOU have probably had experiences of your own. Although CAMARM exists because of a local problem, rogue motorcycling is a national problem throughout Great Britain.  We hope that our local experiences and photographs can be used to represent everyone with a similar problem and to help them find a solution.

Ask not Why they don’t do something about itAsk What you can do to help to stop it

Go ARMed with a CAMera            Go armed with CAMARM

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