This is a collection of photographs that we took in the fells of South Lakeland, England, between April and July 2006 to record and illustrate the shocking damage caused by rogue motorcycling on bridleways, footpaths and open fell land since the end of 2005. We have since added photos of further damage.

We also mapped the extensive network of tyre tracks that we found. See Network Maps.

Although local to one area of the United Kingdom, the photos are almost certainly representative of damage caused by motorcycle trail bikes in other parts of the county and country.

The photos are numbered and can be viewed either individually, or as a cycle starting at any chosen point. The order of the photos has been chosen to illustrate what could have been seen on a single walk in the spring of 2006. If such a walk were to be taken in summer some of the damage would be masked by growing greenery; at the same time, some of the damage, particularly in extensive bog areas, is worse than is shown here, even now, because the photos cannot do justice to the full extent of the damage.

Although most of these photos are now some years old, they still vividly illustrate the nature and extent of the havoc that is wrought by the illegal and antisocial activity.

Each photo bears:
    a description;
    date taken;
    approximate OS Map Reference; and
    cross-references to other, like-minded photos.

The photos can be viewed as a slide show, with each photo being able to lead:
    on to the next photo in the cycle;
    back to the previous photo in the cycle;
    to a location on one of the Network Maps;
    back to this Photo Gallery to select a different starting point; or
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We have also taken photographs of illegal motorcycling on the open fells. The more detailed of these have enabled the Cumbria police to take action. None of those photos is shown here, although the positions of photographed activity is marked on the Network Maps with an  M  suffix.

(For the sake of brevity, Tottlebank Height is here named Tottleknott.)

001    Burney. South side. Main path up from road.
002    Burney. South side. Scars at base.
003    (Photo withdrawn)
004    Burney. South side. Part way up. Looking towards Kirkby Moor.
005    Burney. North side, near top. Steep race from below.
006    Burney. North side, near top. Steep race from above.
007    Burney. North side. Close-up of steep race.
008    Burney. North side. Close-up of steep race
009    Burney. North side. Further down.
010    Burney. North side. Further down. Widely damaged bog.
011    Burney. North side. Same as 010, closer.
012    Burney. North side. Detail of 010.
013    Burney. North side. Boggy plateau between Great Burney and Little Burney. Looking northwards.
014    Burney. North side. Nearing Crooked Birch. Water-filled ruts.
015    Burney. North side. Closer to Crooked Birch. Water-filled ruts.
016    Burney. North side. 10”-deep rut.
017    Burney. North side. Close to the base. Ruts carved across gully.
018    Burney. North side. Path along the base. Water-filled ruts
019    Burney. North side. Path along the base. Stream diverted along deep ruts in footpath.
020    Burney. North side. Path along the base. Water-filled ruts.
021    Burney. North side. Path along the base. Water-filled ruts.
022    Burney. North side. Path along the base made impassable.
023    Burney. Main scarred route up north-west side.
024    Burney. Same as 024, higher up.
025    Blawith Knott. South side. Scarred track up from Giant’s Grabe [sic; as named on OS maps].
025a  025 revisited 8 months later.
026    Blawith Knott. South side. Motorbike tracks swinging off to side before revving up steep hill again.

026a  026 revisited 8 months later.

027    Blawith Knott. South side. Looking back down at 026 towards the Duddon.
027a  027 revisited 8 months later.
028    Blawith Knott. South side. Top of steep race.
028a  028 revisited 8 months later.
029    Saddle between Blawith Knott and Tottleknott. Water-filled rutted path at foot of Blawith Knott.
          Looking north-east.
030    Saddle between Blawith Knott and Tottleknott. Approaching rise before small tarn.
031    Saddle between Blawith Knott and Tottleknott. Scarred rise before small tarn.
032    Tottleknott. Path, now scarred track up west side.
033    Detail of muddied rut from 032.
034    Tottleknott. West side. Close-up of 032.
035    Tottleknott. North-west side. Traversing path, looking north-east. Severely damaged by
          motorbikes during the snow thaw of March 2006.
036    Tottleknott. North-west side. Same traversing path, looking south-west.
037    Tottleknott. North-west side. New tyre tracks.
038    Tottleknott. North side. Circular wheelies near the top.
039    Between Cockenskell-to-Woodland bridleway and Wool Knott. Rutted gully and dip.
040    Between Cockenskell-to-Woodland bridleway and Wool Knott. Deep ruts across gully stream.
041    Same patch as 040. From other side of stream, looking south.
041a  041 revisited 9 months later.
042    Close-up of rut, at least 16” deep, in 040 & 041.
043    Wool Knott, south side. Continuation of 039-042. Just below big scar of 044 & 045.
044    Wool Knott, south side. Big scar. Looking upwards.
045    Wool Knott, south side. Big scar. Looking back downwards.
046    Wool Knott, west “pass” to Beacon Tarn. Extensive bog damage.
046a  046 revisited 9 months later.
047    Wool Knott, west “pass” to Beacon Tarn. Same, 6 weeks later.
048    Wool Knott, west “pass” to Beacon Tarn. Same patch, looking back from the other side.
049    Wool Knott, west “pass” to Beacon Tarn. Link between worst patches of bog damage.
050    Wool Knott, west “pass” to Beacon Tarn. Upper patch of serious damage to bog land.
051    Wool Knott, west “pass” to Beacon Tarn. Close-up detail of 050.
051a  051 revisited 9 months later.
052    Beacon Tarn, north end. Cumbria Way seriously degraded, looking south
053    Beacon Tarn, north end. Same patch, looking north.
054    Beacon Tarn, north end. Cumbria Way, higher up the pass., Even worse, looking south.
055    Beacon. South-east side. Sheepfold near the top.
056    Beacon. South-east side. Sheepfold near the top. Looking down at 055.
057    Beacon/Beacon Tarn. Near the top of the pass that takes the Cumbria Way north from Beacon Tarn
          to Torver. Looking west across the pass.
058    Cumbria Way. Boggy plateau north of Beacon Tarn and above Stable Harvey Moss. Looking north.
059    Cumbria Way. Bad damage to boggy plateau in 058. Looking south.
060    Cumbria Way.
Another patch of bad damage to boggy plateau in 058. 
061    Between Beacon (½ Km to right) and Climb Style (1 Km to left). East of Hodge Wife Gill.
062    Same open fell track as 061. Further west, with bad water-filled rutting. Looking west.
Same patch as 062, closer.
Close-up of 063.
064a  Patch of new damage, January 2007.
065    Near Climb Stile ford. Looking south-west (towards Green Moor).
066    Near Climb Stile ford. Same patch as 065, from other side.
067    Between Climb Stile ford and High Kep, below Cockenskell-Woodland bridleway. Steep, scarred
068    Close-up of 067.
069    Bog damage between High Kep and Wool Knott. Looking towards Wool Knott.
070    Same patch as 069 looking back from the other side.
071    Bog damage between High Kep and Wool Knott. Looking back towards High Kep.
072    Deeply rutted bridleway between Woodland and Cockenskell. Looking eastwards.
073    Bog damage beside bridleway between Woodland and Cockenskell. Further east than 072.
073a  073 revisited, 9 months later.
074    Patch of 137 wild orchids with motorbike tracks through the middle. Luckily only two crushed.
075    Tottleknott, north side. Deep ruts gouged into the sides of an open fell gully stream.
075a  }  Exit from and
075b  }    approach to the gully stream in 075, 9 months later.
076    Tottleknott, east side. Deep ruts across spring above Tottlebank.
077    Same as 076, looking south from the other side.
078    Bog between Tottleknott and The Low to its east. Looking down eastwards from Tottleknott.
079    Same patch of bog damage as 078, looking from the other side, westwards from The Low.
Same patch of bog damage as 078, looking eastwards again from Tottleknott side.
081    Same patch of bog, showing the extent of the destruction of the bog covering.
082    New area of bog damage near Cockenskell, Christmas Day 2006.

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